Winter Break Trip Day 6 By: Polly Lisicak

After a week’s stay in the beautiful home offered to us in Leon, it was time to say goodbye to the sweet city and our wonderful housekeeper María. Getting a little extra sleep that night after our time walking in the sun all week was much needed, for both our muscles and our sunburnt skin. We packed our bags and walked about half-a-mile with all of our luggage to our driver taking us back to Managua. To fulfill our last day here, we overshot Managua by about a half an hour to shop at the Masaya. After an hour of scenic, and a nerve wracking drive through the country we finally arrive and to eat our last lunch together out in Nicaragua before we spend the next couple hours at the local market. The Masaya has an abundance of shops with everything a tourist would hope for, and just in time for Christmas, it was the perfect place to find unique gifts. Our ever-so-kind driver watched our belongings during those few hours of shopping, then proceeded to drive us back to Managua where we spent the next few hours enjoying the last hours of each other’s company. We share our last meal together over a nice dinner at the Best Western, followed by our last team meeting to sum up all the work we accomplished over the course of the week. As some of us took separate flights home the next morning, we said our goodnights and goodbyes after our meeting and knew we would see each other again when we returned back to school after winter break.


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