Winter Break Trip Day 5 By: Laura Noble


Today was an amazing experience I will be able to talk about for years to come. We had the opportunity to kayak through the Main Groves of Nicaragua. Many of us chose to do tandem kayaks and the girls proved to be triumphant as we relaxed and paddled through the groves, showing great communication, while the boys struggled, but eventually got the hang of it. We kayaked to a point where we pulled off the groves and took a short walk to a beautiful private beach. Here, we spent most of our day relaxing in the sun, walking along the water, and getting sunburnt. Personally I am afraid of the ocean, but I was able to get quite far out from the beach with the motivation of everyone supporting me and urging me to conquer my fear. Even though I never went under a wave, Polly and I had a great time body surfing in the waves. As we headed back through the groves, the boys finally had their moment of connection and were able to successfully stay fluid in their motions for much of the ride back. We all headed back to Leon in the Jeep Land Cruiser and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and getting to bed early after an amazing week!


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