Winter Break Trip Day 3 By: Garret Flowers

unnamed  unnamed-1

As the sun rised, the house was silent, and Suenos de la Tierra was becoming a reality. Everyone awoke to the satisfying breakfast prepared by María. After everybody got ready we continued to our first task which was to find shops that Leycar could sell his paintings in. Leycar is a young local artist in Nicaragua that relies on the profit he makes on his paintings to support his mom, dad, and young brother. After searching relentlessly to find shops that seemed intangible we finally walked to Roger Deshon to continue our Microloan interviews. Within these interviews we invested our time in getting feedback about our program, and how this program has affected their lives and the community. There were many heartwarming stories that gave us contentment of all of the hardwork that had been put in. The woman pictured in the photo above is Andrea Sanhante, a women who has been very successful within the micro loan program. She sells tortilla, beans, and cheese to the community members in Roger Deshon. Sitting through Andrea’s interview we were inspired by her work ethic, and her ability to multitask with her career, and her family. It is amazing to see how the program impacted her small business. She has said that she has increased her profits by nearly 50%. We hope to maximize her profit, her lifestyle, and her environment through the micro loan program. We are looking forward to hearing more from her progress within her small business, and are looking into possibly investing in her business a second time. As we approach our final work days my hope is that we may continue to work hard in order to better their lifestyles, and may they continue to influence us through culture, language, and happiness.


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