Summer Trip Day 31: By Jenna Wiegand

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Last Saturday was a national holiday for Nicaragua, so Dawson and I had some trouble following our original to-do list for the weekend Leon was weirdly empty, and a few of our meetings fell through since so many people were in Managua celebrating. We improvised, though, and ended up having a productive few days around Sonati instead. We worked on materials for the last microloan workshop which is rapidly approaching, and Dawson hired a translator to help him get photos and video of loan recipients in Roger Deshon. Sunday afternoon we headed to the bus terminal to head back up to Ocotal, only to realize that there were no buses running from Esteli to Ocotal. We decided to at least get to Esteli and then we enjoyed an evening there with some new friends we made traveling. Early Monday morning we finished the trip to Ocotal and have since been hard at work getting paperwork translated and completed for Rainforest Alliance.


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